Flower & Plant Care

Flower Care Tips

Be sure to keep the vase filled with water containing a flower food provided by your florist. Most packets are to be mixed with either a pint or a quart of water. Flower foods should not be diluted with more water than is specified on the packet.

Keep flowers cool by storing them in an area that’s not too hot, and place them as far from direct sunlight as possible. Most flowers will last longer in cool temperatures.

If the flower food solution becomes cloudy, replace it entirely with properly mixed flower food solution.

A floral arrangement should last about 5-7 days depending on the flower and how you care for it.

Plant Care Tips

Keep plants in medium-light locations – out of direct sunlight

If you’re growing a flowering potted plant, it’s best to place it in a sunny location. That way, you’ll get the most flower color and the most flowers to bloom.

Plants should not be allowed to dry out or wilt. Be careful to avoid overwatering – do not allow plants to stand in water.

Plants should be kept kept away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, or directly under ceiling fans.

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